Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

Shares & Cancellation Policy

Full payment is required in advance to secure a CSA share. Shares are non-refundable, any full or partial refund is at the sole discretion of Parker Farm. Sale or transfer of your share to a 3rd party requires written permission from Parker Farm.

Pickup Policy

When you sign up for the CSA, you will choose your pickup day, which will stay the same for the entire season. Pickup hours are at Parker Farm in Pinewood from 9AM – 8PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Shares are not available before or after this pickup window. Shares not picked up during the pickup hours will be donated, and cannot be held or picked up at an alternate date or time. If you know you will not be able to pick up your share during a particular week, please make arrangements for another family member, friend or neighbor to pick it up for you. A CSA Membership Card is required to pick up your weekly share. In the event your card is lost or stolen, please report it to Parker Farm immediately. A photo ID will be required to verify your identity.

Share Content Policy

Each week you will receive a bounty of locally grown produce. The share will set by 9AM on your pickup day. The contents are based on what we’re harvesting that day. The nature of farming is such that the contents of your share will change from day to day and week to week. This is part of the adventure of local agriculture. While we can’t offer the opportunity to substitute for other items, we will always have a “Community Basket” where you can trade items or leave any items you don’t want. That said, if you ever discover an item in your share that is not up to Parker Farm’s high quality standards, please let us know right away. We will happily replace it for you.

Privacy Policy

At Parker Farm, we respect your privacy. We will never knowingly sell, rent, loan, or provide your information to any third party without your specific consent. From time to time we will send you an email regarding your share contents, or information relevant to the Parker Farm CSA program. You can choose to opt out of these emails anytime.